I’m sorry if I was too loud for you.

But when I see your face

Everything else becomes a blur

Merely background noise.

When I see you…

I want you to feel me.

I want you to hear me.


In the sheer presence of me.

And it’s not intentional

But what I feel is simply “Popeye”

I feel STRONGLY about you.

This is OUR world.

I want you to realize that.

What’s considered living if you never get a chance to fully relax

-being comfortable

Not just amongst friends…

-but EVERYWHERE you go?

I want us to live our lives together

as we would when no one else is around..


3 thoughts on “BTHRM STALL

  1. Very clever wordplay/imagery here ( I love the Popeye line and the way strongly was in all caps helped because I did not get it the first time lol smh )… The similarities between the two ( stall/relationship ) are both complex yet relatable. … well done, clap clap bravo*

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