Black Pink Pu$$y

These were the days. Burning holes in carpets. Drinking vodka til words slurred. Sharing secrets. Dwelling on the past. Visualizing goals for the future. They can take what’s tangible The memories still breathe life into our hearts Gives us a reason to go on. Yet reality has settled and solidified

Flannery’s Palinode

I’d love to toss my laundry in with yours Or maybe I should leave my favorite bar of soap in your shower. Each time you undress to bathe You’ll think about me. Memories with you form in my mind everyday like the clouds above my head. Even in church I


They hate how free I am. How I won’t conform How I wont buy into what the government’s selling. How I’m a feminist Strong Willed. “Aggressive” they call it. They hate that shit. How I embrace the criticism. It can break a man. Don’t have time for bullshit. “I don’t


You’re an x pill I had to call my friend Molly to back me on this. You’re a drug I can’t take that from you. Once I had a dose of you I wanted more. I feel you changing my vibration Slowly Frequently. When I’m not around you I hope

First Four

I said I’ll try it. Just don’t pressure me. Especially when you can see all that’s left of me.   You saw me give up Then you kept trying. Constantly looking for love Each season it’s dying.   Here comes winter. Sad emotions accompanied with snow. Cry them out in

Remember what I told you

Remember what I told you If something happens to absolutely scare you Turn your attention to something that absolutely intrigues you And No, You’re not in denial about your fears But, I know You’d rather be absolutely excited than terrified out of your mind. -Paralyzed by terror. -Immovable by fear.

The Host

He’s wondering why I haven’t called She “just” realized she can’t compete with me. I walk in like I own the place I left my personal issues at the door. See I’m in my persona now… One who gets attention galore But I “never mind” it I can’t help what

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