Response to “Cuties” Movie

You may have heard the name Maïmouna Doucouré recently surrounding the buzz around her latest film, “Cuties”. Doucouré, a black female director from France, claimed that her goal was to portray some of the social struggles that young girls face while navigating through their preteens. The budget of the film was set at four million and the film’s release was in January of 2020. Since … Continue reading Response to “Cuties” Movie

Liebchen, a poem by Brooke Boddie

The thought of kissing you makes me feel like I could give birth to a thousand universes.  One Universe just isn’t enough. The thought of our tongues touching, tickles the bottom of my feet. I need to know how your skin feels against mine. Let’ s rub the outside of our arms together. Let’ s create friction, static, whatever results. How does that sound? Let’s … Continue reading Liebchen, a poem by Brooke Boddie


“The wise man once said nothing at all.” But was he wise? or was he afraid of being judged? Did he fool everyone with his slanted eyes and his head held high? Was it his posture that mislead you? Or are you so easily fooled? Because the wise woman once said everything that was on her heart. She didn’t care about the critics. She was … Continue reading Drifting

The New World

Let’s create a world where we never overthink. Something that won’t switch up like the seasons. It’s just you and me. A world where we honestly express our feelings. This could be a world of healing. And for dinner… We could go vegan It was easier… Remember This is a world where we don’t overthink. Now back to you and me. You are the only … Continue reading The New World