Something Real

I don’t want a “lying ass nigga”

I want a “faithful ass nigga”

One that has the food ready before I get hungry.

-Let’s me know he’s been thinking about me;

Planning for our future.

One that gets me.

Even when I’m moody-

-like when I’m on my period.


Like Having an attitude that I brought home from work.

-And he’ll stay home when I ask him too.

Except when it’s pertaining to His work.

Only has eyes for me

And wants babies as badly as I do.

I want a MAN.

One that can change a tire;

Pickup at any hour.

-And I’ll do the same for him.

I want a real connection.

Not some fetish

-where we have to hold in our burps and farts.

I crave a connection so deeply



can tear us apart.

One thought on “Something Real

  1. Great piece here, gotta appreciate a woman that knows what she wants ( Especially when those are all good qualities to require of )…. I’m sure she’s deserving of all of that and more; good feelings and warm vibes from this one… clap, clap bravo*

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