Map To Nowhere

Just like I had found you

You were lost again.

I didn’t know how to begin to reach you.

I kept trying, and trying.

So many failed attempts.

It was exasperating honestly.

I was back at square one.

Me vs. Me

Me and Me

Me featuring Me

But it was quiet again.

Just me and my pen.

No one to make me feel anything.

And -The music.

Oh, the music I loved!

The harmonizing, melodies, high tempos

– then low..

Yeah, then there was low

-because everything dims down

Dies out.

-Fades away.

One thought on “Map To Nowhere

  1. Introspection and the journey to find one’s self. … through all the highs and lows; heres hoping that map eventually leads to a *Happy Somewhere*.

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