Black Beads

I wish I didn’t understand you so much.

Only then I can stop making excuses for the fucked up things that you do.

And I know that this is only the beginning;

You’ll continue to screw up because

you think sex fixes everything; cures everything.

And it feels good to fuck up and get screwed afterwards.

It feels good to you.

Altering a win-win:

I’m stupid.

You’re lucky

-That I’m in a deep sleep-

Intuition telling me the alarm is going off

But I don’t want to wake up.

Because it feels good.

And Nothing affects you when you’re dreaming.

That’s when you’re the numbest.

3 thoughts on “Black Beads

    1. Thanks Gabe. I’m thankful for you staying loyal to the blog and being involved in my creative process. You won’t be forgotten!!


      1. I appreciate your appreciation ( lol ) and it isn’t difficult to be loyal to a platform that produces quality content*

        Liked by 1 person

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