Poem 5.1

Almost like a cloud I saw when I was on a plane once.
But more deformed, and bent in shape.
Snow white.
Like his skin against mine.
Shaped like a lock and key.
Little speckles of brown against your skin, like him and I when we come together.
Desired like the new girl on the block.
It’s amazing how something big, can start so small.
Then expands
To satisfy a feeling that you crave every day.
Your insides look like one of my decayed cavities, but on the outside, you appear to be flawless.


( A poem I wrote about popcorn while staring at popcorn. Hope you like it)

2 thoughts on “Poem 5.1

  1. Another interesting piece, your wordplay and imagry are very clever. .. subtle too ( to the unsuspecting mind )
    #IceBergBarz … I’ll explain later but it’s very good *snap, snap*


    1. Thank you! This poem was actually written back in 2015, I was in a creative writing poetry class and my teacher had asked us to write a poem describing our favorite food without actually saying what it was … I came up with this one!


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