“Why The Average Job is Overlooked”


You’re a dreamer right? I know you are, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I dream of hitting the lottery almost everyday. I fantasize about what I would do with the money, how I would feel once I had it, and even the places I’d visit. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. It keeps us motivated. A few questions I have for you are… “What are you doing right now? Where do you work? Does your job make you happy?” I’m sure most of you would say, “Oh, it pays the bills,” but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe most of you love your job; and everything about it. That’s a beautiful thing, I one day wish to be that person who loves their job.. but until then… I’ll keep writing.

So why is the average job overlooked? Are people embarrassed to admit they aren’t better-off, or in a position where they don’t have to seek employment. Whats wrong with working a nine to five? I mean, everyone wasn’t built to be a boss right? Maybe some of you are…but you just haven’t gotten there yet. Maybe your money is a bit short, or you just don’t know where to turn for the right connections and guidance in your field. Maybe you need a start-up plan.. one of your many contributing factors.

The average job is overlooked because we have gained resources and platforms in which we believe we do not have to work. I have witnessed claims from people making millions from YouTube, and thousands from Instagram. These are some of the simplest jobs out there, SOLELY BASED ON— PROMOTIONS OF BUSINESSES/ SALES.  Whether it be boutiques, or kiosks on the side of the road selling pineapples, pies, or even clothing. We believe that there is a market for EVERYTHING. I’m not saying there is an easy way out, but in today’s society, this is what is being promoted. The average job is overlooked because millennials have their standards set so high, that they view the average job as a waste of time. On a daily basis I see many advertisements promoting fast and easy money, which people do believe is better than working a nine to five. The belief that is being promoted is freedom; free time, and better opportunities.

Having jobs such as Lyft or Uber promote the dream of working when YOU Want, not when you are scheduled. The truth of the matter is people would like to spend more time relaxing than they would working a job.The world is advancing in every way possible. People are looking for ways to cut corners, and even make money while doing less. On another note, People are eating healthier and exercising because research states that it promotes a longer life span. Jobs are even making the work load easier by installing machines and kiosks. I went to the movies the other day and there was one woman helping guests use ticketing-kiosks to purchase tickets. In addition, restaurants such as Mcdonalds have placed machines in the lobby for faster order placements. Machines are replacing people in the work place, employers are cutting costs. This scares people, encouraging them to want to start their own businesses. 

Some people have also reported unfair treatment from their superiors on the job. No one likes to be micro-managed. As a child, you are taught to strive to achieve more, and to be more. Situations that make you feel smaller than what you are, urge you to seek a different line of work.

My advice to all of the Workers and Bosses out there is :

You already know who you are! Just enhance that person. Get the experience you need to be where you want, but also make time for yourself, and don’t forget to reward yourself in the process. Never forget that Each step counts. You may not be where you want to be, but you’re headed somewhere.. I know it! So Do what you have to do, so you can get where it is you’d like to go. 


(Have any other reasons you’d like to add as to why the average job is overlooked? Comment below)


(While working a nine to five may not be so sweet, it isn’t always as exasperating like the photo above, but this is the image that comes to mind, when people picture one.)


(This is the image that comes to mind when people sign up to make fast and easy money.. they think about how close they are to getting the chance to relax.)

These are both ideas, but at the end of the day.. you have to do what works for you. Its a journey, you’ll get there. #Mentalpeace

2 thoughts on ““Why The Average Job is Overlooked”

  1. Great Post Brooke!!
    IMO the 9 to 5 or “Average job” as you stated is overlooked also because it represents, well just that “Work!” & in most cases the work is very time demanding, physical demanding & deemed as “low rewarding” (not worth the money). I mean unfortunately some of us live in a world where we have to be “Rich” today or “Somebody” today. Saving money for tomorrow and living check to check, until you develop into someone who is more financially substantial, is just not enough in this “$pend a check and get it right back” Glam culture. To some, a 9 to 5 doesn’t represents financial freedoms, but instead an emotional ball and chain, which causes a slow financial drag that is frowned upon in this “I need it Right now!!” society. Simply put I don’t care what generation they come from, an average job will just never be appealing to some.


  2. I’m back, Lol. Another gem in the vault with this one Brooke. Very good article indeed. I feel that the regular 9 to 5 may get overlooked because people have a “false sense of reality” because while you can be an Instagram/YouTube star, people don’t even understand how much work you have to put in to be that. It’s actually a legitimate job as well but the perception has been clouded. At the end of the day, your advice holds true… Be you, enhance you and keep pushing. .. awesome post

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