Poem: Broken Record



Broken Record


Kiss me. Hug me.

Tight enough to infuriate me because

If I see you doing it to someone else,

It’ll infuriate me!

It kills me that my lips still smell of you.

The lips that once explored your body.

But it was your lips that lured me in,

lips that spit smooth words,

and concealed a swift tongue

And without much effort.

So I decided.

I do not wish to own you.

You’ll never belong to me.

I wish I could go back to the night we had,

But maybe it was just a fling.


You wanted to experience.

Experimenting maybe.

Maybe I’ll never mean much to you,

But I’ll forever live in that moment.

That moment when you held me close, and lay kisses on my forehead.

Snuggling under the night’s moon.

( That record of a broken heart… playing over and over again…sleeping so soundly in your mind)

broken vinyl record

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