Focus, Patience, & Trusting The Timing of your life


No matter what you are pursuing, it is vital that you believe in yourself. Ask yourself questions such as, ” Do I feel that I am good enough?” “Do I believe that I can do this? Can I be this person I saw myself becoming as a kid?” Do you think that you can achieve all there is you wish to achieve, or do you limit yourself? If you don’t believe in yourself, don’t even attempt to try a hand at anything. I say this to say you time and energy. You’ll be lying to yourself the entire time, saying that you aren’t good enough, and all sorts of negative things. Eventually you’ll give up and be 39 years old at your parents house asking your mom to fix your plate, and make your bed. All because you never believed in yourself enough to get out there+ succeed. The first step is believing 1,000% in you, the way you believe in everyone else. I’ll keep it short for now, because your brain is telling you to run, because I’m telling you what you already know. Well, guess what do it! Believe in yourself and stop questioning everything you do. You’re doing great. The second thing I’ll tell you is to Accept where you are right now, so that you may move forward. I know you’ve come a long way, but guess what so have I. Don’t dwell on it, keep moving like the nomads. Accept it, accept who you are. Its okay to feel like you’re not where you should be, keep working. Even the little steps count, just take one, start somewhere. You want to own a business? Get a license, do some research, start looking for a location, look at furniture. It all counts, I mean, if you really want it… Don’t be hard on yourself. Everyone gets a chance to meet success at their own special time. You have to remember that you aren’t everyone else, you are you! Stop looking around at everyone else. Do it Your way. I’m sure you do it better anyways . I believe in acceptance because we never stay in one place for long, do we? Save yourself a piece of mind. You’ll sleep better at night. Trust the timing of your life. It is vital that you believe you will become who you wish to be. Financially and mentally, you will become whatever you focus on, so keep that positive thinking going. Your day will come, stay consistent, and work at it everyday. The goal is to never stop learning your craft. Keeping an open mind is important. Be sure that you are getting better at your craft every chance you get. You have to master it!  My third piece of advice is to take action, you have to do some work. Simply praying, and wishing upon a star won’t get the job done. It takes some action, and watch everything else will work in your favor. I promise you! Start by getting out there, I’m with you.


4 thoughts on “Focus, Patience, & Trusting The Timing of your life

  1. Man I love so much! Girl you hit everything right on the nail. This inspired me to stop putting off hair school, thank you girlie!! But could you perhaps do one on self love/finding out who you are as a person; some thing along those lines?


  2. Well.. I came, I saw (& read of course) and you conquered this post. Great words of support, advice and motivation sprinkled in with some tough love. I REALLY do appreciate this because even a motivator needs motivation every now and then and you were preaching to the choir. The being consistent and working on your craft every chance really stood out to meas well as the taking action part because,” Faith without works is dead”. Also, as far as being with us in getting out there…. the feeling is mutual, #SeeYouAtTheTOP


  3. Yes this make me look back as when I was a kid really made me just think for a second first thing I read this really bit it right on the button if I may say so. I’ve actually been asking my self most of those question.


  4. Self esteem is the steam we need to operate our motors in life. My key take away is “if you don’t believe in your self, then don’t attempt…it will be a waste up time.” Thanks for message


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