Growing Obsessions with Gadgets and Shrinking Sensibilities to Human Life


Just the other day, I used Uber to get home from the mall. I was in such a rush that day, I had briefly misplaced my phone. For a second, I thought that I had left my phone back in a clothing store. I didn’t realize that my phone was missing until I was all settled in. My good friend accompanied me to the mall, so I asked her if I could use her phone to call mine. Of course, she was on Instagram/Twitter/ Facebook all at the same time at that moment. It took her about ten minutes to call my phone to see if it was nearby. I was literally freaking out on the inside. Not because “I’m so addicted to my phone,” but because I knew that it would cost at least $500 to get another one. Turns out, my phone was in the bottom of my backpack where I had placed it when we stopped by the food court. Luckily for me, I saved money, by finding my phone and my bestfriend did not have to log out of her social media completely. These days we are so connected to gadgets for multiple reasons, which can be a bit ridiculous. We are living in an age where we only want the best, but what makes these gadgets so great? I know people that won’t even allow strangers to use their phone; they are too afraid that they’ll run off with it. “Oh, not my precious, precious phone! What if they drop it? It costs $200 to repair the screen !” —-Yeah, we get it! If you really think about it, marketing and branding is 85% of the reason we want these products.  Most popular items such as Cell phones, tablets, telephone-watches can cost us hundreds. Another reason we are so attached is because of social media and globalization. At the click of a single button, or a single swipe and you are instantly connected to everything, all around the world. Trust me, I know how much you love being in the loop when it comes to current events, and Celeb/ media news. Recently, I have noticed a different type of relationship between millennials and technology. There is no disconnect. We simply can not sit it down. Every five minutes we are getting some type of alert or notification. “Your favorite rapper is going live on Instagram, or Miss Mary from down the street just posted a new photo of her cat.”  Who is being body shamed today? Who recorded a fight, and posted it instead of calling the police? Who recorded a car accident instead of helping the victims? Who cheated on their wife?… it is constant…all day … every day. Don’t you believe your brain deserves a break?

Can you make the disconnect? Turn your phone off for five minutes? I know you have a business to run, but if you are constantly bathing your brain in minuscule conversations that are unimportant to the betterment of the world, you will notice your brain cells shrinking. Well, not really, but you get my point. Allow me to rephrase my last couple of sentences.. ” If you find yourself entwined in reading fake news on the daily, or feeding your brain rumors and negativity, your brain will vibrate on that frequency. You will start to attract these things in your personal life. Ask yourself, “What am I feeding my brain? ” …..I know, we all slip up here and there, but stay on track to living a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally. The time that you spent reading about Sally and Suzie, you could have been inventing new products or being innovative. I know you have a talent.. don’t let it go to waste. Most importantly, stop wasting your time on things that don’t benefit you. Our phones are always near by, for some people its the only thing that they’ll ever own. My only hopes for you is that you do not get sucked into that phone screen. Yes, that one! The one you’re probably holding in your hand right now, causing you to become a little less human and more robot -like. Repeating everything you see on the screen, dressing like everyone else, and forgetting who you are. Never lose your authenticy. Be different in a world where everyone is striving to be the same. It will be hard at first, but you can be yourself. You won’t miss a thing, because all you ever knew is how to be yourself. Put the phone down, nature is calling.

Go get some air.. your body would love that.



6 thoughts on “Growing Obsessions with Gadgets and Shrinking Sensibilities to Human Life

  1. Reading this really made me realize I’m connected to my phone waaaaaay too much. But like you said I’m running a business so I just need to find a balance. Great read. Keep it up. ✨
    -Malik Brides (Tiger Crane)


  2. Wow this is really good. And sadly I relate to it smh. I’m glad you put this up, some of us needed to see it lol. I’ll definitely be reading more of your blogs!
    (manshechoosin on IG).


  3. Very truthful post… Realist thing you may have stated is ” a phone is the only thing some people will ever own”, now that’s food for thought 💭


    1. Thank you for checking out the blog, and if you have any topics you’d like to see me discuss, don’t hesitate to share. Thank you for your feedback Sean.


  4. ANOTHER ONE *DJ Khaled voice*, lol …Stellar post and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you won’t be in line for the Iphone 8/X huh? I’m in the same camp as you on this, it’s essential that you “disconnect/unplug” every now and then. In all things that you do…do in moderation, nothing good comes from a “gluttonous mindset”… besides, there’s a whole world out there…go out there and LIVE in it.


  5. Yes put the phone down a second and read a book, or read a book on your phone lol, either way disconnect from nothingness and Learn something useful.


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