“Beat For The Gawds”


Make up! Make Up! Make up! I know those words made some of you guys cringe, it made me excited. Wearing makeup is fun, but never forget whos underneath. So lets talk about it…

I started wearing makeup when I was in the 10th or 11th grade. I started wearing makeup from CVS, I wore Loréal True match, Revlon lipstick, basically just experimenting with anything that I could find. I didn’t want to go to the bigger department stores, because it was always so busy. I couldn’t get the one on one help that I needed. So, I started watching tutorials on YouTube, but I could never find women of my complexion. The Youtube stars were always lighter-skinned, and the products didn’t look the same on me. Being totally honest, I started to buy stuff that looked like it would match and I ended up wasting a lot of money. Fast forward to why you’re here visiting the blog…

  1. Today I tend to use Nars Liquid foundation (retails at about $50.00 USD) which works well with my oily skin, and Mac Studio fix foundation (color NW45) (retail prices around ($29.00-30.00 USD). As far as skin care, I don’t use any cleansers or anything. I use white non-scented soap, but not everyday on my face. I remove my makeup with makeup removal wipes each time. Skin care is the most important thing, it is the key to Flawless makeup!
  2.      foundnarsf
  3. As far as concealer (applied underneath the eye), I use a beauty supply store brand ($3.99) The concealer is called Pro.Conceal, you can normally find it at the front counter of any beauty supply. I like to use the beauty blender (sponge) to set the concealer.
  5. I apply Ben Nye banana powder (setting powder) on top on the concealer. I apply the concealer to my cheeks, forehead, and chin as well.
  6. BENNYbaking-makeup
  7. As far as my eyebrows, I get them threaded at the mall, and I APPLY Dip Down Eye Brow gel by Mac ($18.00). It makes my brows appear darker and fuller. I apply concealer on top of each brow and at the bottom, and BLEND. One of my pet peeves is seeing eyebrows that have wet concealer that has not been blended.. Lord Why?..lol..who did it?
  8. DIP
  9. Then you bake… (Letting your makeup sit for a while with the setting powder, undisturbed.)
  10. BAKE
  11. Sometimes I apply lashes after this step, (the blue/white pack from the local beauty supply store #46), but if I don’t have any, I use mascara. My favorite brand of mascara is “Falsies” ($7.00-8.00). I love this mascara because it stays in place , I love the shape of the brush, and it also makes me look as if I’m wearing false lashes. Its the best, you can find it in Walmart, CVS, Family Dollar, any where that makeup is sold.
  12. After about two minutes of baking, I blend it all with a foundation brush, and I apply foundation powder, I like to use Mac Studio fix powder (NW45) ($27.00-$30.00). I know I use a lot of MAC products, but its only because I haven’t really experimented lately, I’ve been sticking to what products I know work best for my skin type. I do however, want to give Fenty Beauty (Rihanna’s New Cosmetics Line).   studiop
  13. After you’ve blended it all, you can apply a little bit of blush on your cheeks if you like, I like to use Nars “MATA HARI”. The secret is to use it sparingly. If you are just starting to wear make-up start with small amounts. Don’t go crazy, because that’s where I “messed up” in the beginning. I had some crusty the clown moments, but hey, its a process. This Blush retails at ($30.00)blush
  14. I’m not really a big fan of eyeshadows because my eyes are really slanted and I never have much room to work with. I have recently been wearing gold on my lids, and a dark brown on the crease. I have two “Nars” palettes from Sephora that I have been attempting to make use of. They have a retail price of about ($45-$65.00)
  15. narsp
  16. Disclaimer : I am not a make up artist, nor have I ever worked in a make up store, but I thought I’d tell you what works for me.  I will create a Step-by-Step video tutorial for you guys soon… but I hope that this was helpful. Thanks for reading ladies…Go Slay the day away!

2 thoughts on ““Beat For The Gawds”

  1. Make isn’t bad you make it look easy but putting to much make up on makes someone look ugly and I’m a guy but on my reason I know them names cause I manager at Walgreens and they sell make up there .
    But again you look very beautiful


  2. Good read, keep motivating others to be themselves. Also, keep being yourself because it brings out the best in others. Hope to read more of your work.


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