Woman Underneath The Dryer

That’s right,

He treated me like Genie;

Would have given me the world if I asked him too.

But I was modest.

Even when I hit his bong.

-Because I got high fast.

-And that’s never fun….

Not for a group of stoners.

-Everyday I love him more.

He was more of my speed.

-Young (30). Funny (like me).

And he was Hip (possibly a millennial

— I didn’t google the year to see).


He didn’t take well to my direction,

And for that….

Not intentionally;

But naturally,

He turned me “ON”

more than just a little bit.

High as my body temperature


And Quickly; we found love in each other

Like God said we would do.

Although uncomfortable at first

…I learned to let my guard down


Embrace him.


(Just as men have barber shop conversations… women have their deepest conversations underneath the dryer… it’s the place we have to sit the longest.) We open up, and we share our personal lives; you hear our true emotions … it’s Iike a therapy session.)

Hope you enjoyed the poem folks !!!

2 thoughts on “Woman Underneath The Dryer

  1. This was great, loved the imagery and I never thought of “Barbershop to Dryer” parallel ( dont know how that got past me lol ). Looking forward to more dope pieces and Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the hair salon and the barber shop is definitely a place where men and women go to converse and tell their personal business without being judged for it. Everyone likes to be heard. It’s like therapy.


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