Wet Paint (Do Not Touch)

Have you ever fucked an artist before?

I think about it from time to time.

—What it would feel like to have one blow against my neck.

Rubbing its hands over both my shoulders from behind me.

Touching me without touching.

Have you ever made love to an artist before?

I do it all the time in my head.

And I never come.

Oh the glory,

All of my glory exposed.

And I ….

—Still fantasize about fucking an artist.

A passionate one.

—One that gets me addicted.

One that feels deeply.

Have you ever made love to a poet before?

Understood their diction.

Found truth in their fiction.

—Almost forget them.

Grew tired of listening..

— to them nag about their feelings.

They always get hurt.

And can never find the words for it.

Just sit this one out,

You’ve already heard this story.

Ive witnessed the poet and the artist in one bed.

—They call it GENESIS.

The words started to come out

but the paint brush couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Let there be light..”

Eve’s pen ran out of ink

He had lost his vision.

Then the fire came down-

Only to diminish them.


2 thoughts on “Wet Paint (Do Not Touch)

  1. Okay, OKay, OKAY…..This one has a few layers to peel back and can be viewed from a few angles… Read it a few times and still putting things together. … Amazing piece here… keep it up


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