Went to sleep with a broken heart

Woke up in shambles.

No recollection of who I was

— no idea of who I used to be.

Today, I woke up with a bad case of heart burn

—but I haven’t eaten in days.



With this newness.

But then again,

it seems so familiar.

3 thoughts on “{**}

  1. Yeah I was trying something different.. thank you Gabe. At first glance it could be an emotionless face, and it could also serve as two faces facing opposite ways but the asterisk is a brain— the brains are connected… if that makes any sense


    1. Aaaaahhhhh, I definitely see it now. I did kind of picture that but your explanation was great and certainly gave more context ( obviously, you are the creator lol ). Very creative, you surely are…. and you’re welcome


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