Poetry Piece: Entitled, “1:37”

It was the color in her eyes that lead to no surprise
She was fake from the inside out
She was artificially made.
Artificially enslaved
Look what society had done to her.
She had no clue as to what was going on in the world
She struggled to write a complete sentence.
But if I told her lets go to the club, I’d be sure that she was coming with me.
Nothing really feels the same anymore
Her hair hides itself behind those extensions.
Extensions sewed to her brain.
It seems that every word that came from her mouth informed me that she was in pain.
Hurting from trying so hard. Hurting from living so fast.
She was aching from giving herself to Everyman who slid a hand or two across her ass
Right after he’d say,” I love you ”
She knew it wasn’t true,
it was no telling what she’d do
to gain a mans trust.
She’d sell out her Grandma, take cash from her in laws
Just show a dude that she’s “loyal”
how is that?
When loyalty doesn’t lie within herself?
Who is she?
What have they done to her?
Where is her mother?
Is she present?
Anyone ever tell you , your heart is a weapon?
Sometimes trust gets neglected,
but who’s to say you aren’t neglectful.
You say you’ve had heart breaks
Baby; you have your hands full.
It’s becoming too much to deal with.
Find someone you can heal with.
Instead of starting fresh each time
A relationship falls out of line.
Take time to talk to God, he won’t mind.
Sit in the bathroom and just cry.
Your eyes out.
But never let the expectations of the world KEEP you down.
So if you’re looking for me,
I’ll be around.
Keep to yourself.
And your TRUE self,
Will be found.

One thought on “Poetry Piece: Entitled, “1:37”

  1. That was a very good poem, I cannot relate on a “1st person perspective” but I most certainly can from the “3rd person” as I unfortunately come across females like this more often then not. This is definitely a “therapeutic read” for those who have gone through such experiences, #GoodStuff .


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