“Past Lives” – a poem by Brooke Boddie

We were probably so confident that we’d find each other again. “Place me anywhere in the world, and I’ll find you, -my twin.” We’re dreamers. Unknowingly, the smell of lavender would burn our eyes as we tried to sleep. Unknowingly, the neighbors would play their music too loud as we’re about to reach the astral realm. Without imagining there’s a possibility that even the mattress … Continue reading “Past Lives” – a poem by Brooke Boddie

Keep The Candy

A Poem By: Brooke Boddie You won’t have to buy her candy. She’d be happier -with simply going to the grocery store with you Smiling, frolicking down each aisle. She’d rather stay home and steam your veggies, -with a nice glass of red wine. She doesn’t want the sweet stuff, -so you can keep the candy. Thats the type of love that’s here today, gone … Continue reading Keep The Candy

Whatever ;)

I wrote a poem for you I shouldn’t have said it. I wrote a poem for you No one has ever read it. I wrote a poem for you To take with you- -You haven’t arrived, -but like the rest, -You’ll go. I wrote a poem for you I just thought you should know. I’m all black inside That’s without doubt. I wrote a poem … Continue reading Whatever 😉


I know what freedom feels like. I know you strive to experience it everyday. You’ll do whatever it takes to get there But freedom is a state of mind. You can frequently fly high if you always believe the bird cage is open. Freedom isn’t your environment, sometimes not even the clothes you wear.. But freedom .. is your definition of peace experienced on a … Continue reading Numb