I know what freedom feels like. I know you strive to experience it everyday. You’ll do whatever it takes to get there But freedom is a state of mind. You can frequently fly high if you always believe the bird cage is open. Freedom isn’t your environment, sometimes not even the clothes you wear.. But freedom .. is your definition of peace experienced on a … Continue reading Numb

“W.H” — a poem by Brooke Boddie

Foam clouds. Closely resembling the stars in which I came, But even I shine brighter Same taste as rain —just smells sweeter. Alluring, but could kill you -If you could stomach the thought. Nothing quite like it. Relaxing; Goes well with wine. The place I find solace. If I fell asleep, I could drown in these thoughts. No one knows what lies beneath the drain. … Continue reading “W.H” — a poem by Brooke Boddie


Lay the Ace on the table You have it, this I know. The only card left in the deck. The only thing left unsaid. The only thing I have yet to feel. After all, You’ve been through hell and high water. Trust me, it gets better. It won’t hurt the whole time. You hate opening up, but you wear your heart on your sleeve I … Continue reading Sabali

“Soul-less Bodies”– His Story: A poem by Brooke Boddie

One night at the strip club -over dinner. I pay the tab to eat. You’re around; only when its my treat.. Niggas pay you money just to see your feet. They don’t have my set of eyes to see whats beneath Maybelline, Mac makeup, Bobbi Brown -On fleek. You were never “My Type” You only looked the part. The conversation never went deeper than the … Continue reading “Soul-less Bodies”– His Story: A poem by Brooke Boddie

“A Penny For a Thought”– A Poem by Brooke Boddie

Not much has changed. Everything is still covered in dirt. Not even a magnifying glass can see through it. History has a way of repeating itself, but who would notice if the truth was never recorded in the first place? The foundation was not built. It was stolen. Traded, and bled upon. Many spirits rest here, So watch where you’re standing. This isn’t the place … Continue reading “A Penny For a Thought”– A Poem by Brooke Boddie