Towel – less

And just like how we used to wash dishes together We left each other with wet hands. Both going our separate ways Unable to touch anything -And like paper Everything looked fragile to us. Especially people. But our hands weren’t drenched from dish water. They were wet from wiping each


It’s not like I was lying or anything; Everyone could see it. You almost had me wrapped around your finger. Luckily for me; I wasn’t flexible enough Blind enough To undergo your trauma. -When many women…. ………….Had suffered from you.

Something Real

I don’t want a “lying ass nigga” I want a “faithful ass nigga” One that has the food ready before I get hungry. -Let’s me know he’s been thinking about me; Planning for our future. One that gets me. Even when I’m moody- -like when I’m on my period. Moody-Moody


I’m sorry if I was too loud for you. But when I see your face Everything else becomes a blur Merely background noise. When I see you… I want you to feel me. I want you to hear me. Saturate In the sheer presence of me. And it’s not intentional

Map To Nowhere

Just like I had found you You were lost again. I didn’t know how to begin to reach you. I kept trying, and trying. So many failed attempts. It was exasperating honestly. I was back at square one. Me vs. Me Me and Me Me featuring Me But it was

Black Beads

I wish I didn’t understand you so much. Only then I can stop making excuses for the fucked up things that you do. And I know that this is only the beginning; You’ll continue to screw up because you think sex fixes everything; cures everything. And it feels good to

Woman Underneath The Dryer

That’s right, He treated me like Genie; Would have given me the world if I asked him too. But I was modest. Even when I hit his bong. -Because I got high fast. -And that’s never fun…. Not for a group of stoners. -Everyday I love him more. He was

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