I might do a word search instead Because I can’t find you. You’re no where in my reach…. What are you even doing right now? Are you thinking about me? Have you moved on? I painted you the other day… But not in real life… it was just a memory

Seeing with Smaller eyes

Money was created to keep us unhappy Keep us wanting more. Limiting us Seeing the bad side of everything. If it ain’t money. We need it too much. We can never have enough of it What is money, I mean really. A plant. Processed and modified To feel like something.

1am thoughts

I deserve to be loved correctly By somebody who respects me By someone who wouldn’t let me… Walk away at the drop of a dime. I’m not asking you to chase me love a man who wouldn’t erase me.. Out of his phone when he gets pissed off Kisses me

Out of This World

    What if we are the aliens? With shitty perspectives. Moving during the day and sleeping during the night. What if we are the aliens? Eating meat-killing animals. Stomping on tulips in our finest pair of combat boots. What if we are the destroyers? Polluting the air Contributing to

Invisible Crown

They don’t need you. I take that back… “They don’t deserve you.” -All the good you’ve done. -From the heart… But it’s all good… It’s all good. It’s all good !     They don’t know what I’m composed of… The queen they serve… They don’t know what I’m made

“Go” ———- (A Short Story that will be available in “Full” in my VERY First book entitled “Portals”)

Mentally, I wasn’t prepared to make the jump. It just seemed so far down, I was scared that I would hurt myself. Plus, I had run out of the room so fast that I didn’t have time to gather my thoughts. I had no escape plan. I didn’t know my

Paper Bag Poem

Paper bag poem Like a sunflower We all had seen better days; right outside the field When The rain had finally gone away. The sun sat on the lake as we rode back home. We shared a few drinks til our sadness was gone. I touched many lands; none as

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