“Malachite” -A Poem by Brooke Boddie

This was the last true love recorded before the world went to hell. In another lifetime, They could have been your ancestors,  or mine.   The Difference is they were always free. They couldn’t’ve been born at a better time. Dusk or dawn. The moon had done enough shadow work. One could no longer shine without the other. Sun nor moon. Their love could be … Continue reading “Malachite” -A Poem by Brooke Boddie

Response to “Cuties” Movie

You may have heard the name Maïmouna Doucouré recently surrounding the buzz around her latest film, “Cuties”. Doucouré, a black female director from France, claimed that her goal was to portray some of the social struggles that young girls face while navigating through their preteens. The budget of the film was set at four million and the film’s release was in January of 2020. Since … Continue reading Response to “Cuties” Movie