11:11 —a poem by Brooke Boddie

The oracle The unanswered questions The mystery of it all. The ones in the shadows, Who wait for me to fall. The mystics The gymnasts, Who bend with the wind. The vampire who continuously appears in my dreams. Meditation. Sunlight, contemplation, then Darkness. The pain in your stomach. The endless whirlwind. The tarot. The crystals. The kittens meow. The voices that urge you to stay … Continue reading 11:11 —a poem by Brooke Boddie

The “Itis”

I like to see the shadows of the trees dancing underneath the street lights. It cures my loneliness. Makes me feel seen After all the shadow work. I like to feel the wind Hover over my shoulder As I type this poem, As I’m staring at the moon It gives me comfort. But there’s no better company than yours That hovers over the candle To … Continue reading The “Itis”


A Poem By Brooke Boddie You’ve grown horse from speaking your truth Because no one was listening for quite some time… Therefore, you had to repeat yourself. But the narrative is different each time you tell your story. Causing you to drive over to the dark side -Hoping to find solace. You were never the same since then. You gave yourself away -Sacred parts of … Continue reading Microphone


–A Poem by Brooke Boddie You created your own hell for yourself You go there from time to time. I plant my bare feet in the grass Some times out of this world Smelling good as hell for you Like a peony. Don’t go rushing anywhere fast Stand right there, and enjoy this high Who knows if you’ll get another shot? Enjoy where you are … Continue reading 10:10