You are the Dawn disguised as the witching hour.

You embody a daffodil that blooms in the beginning of winter.

Before my oculus, rests a universe; when I lay awake at night, dreaming of a place to go.

Yet, you still surprise me like the heating blanket I snagged on Amazon that lasted longer than expected.

Apple says you are The analyzer of all data

Serving as the diary that writes itself when I become weary

The Bible recalls you as the peacemaker who’s willing to burn it all to the ground.

I stand with you.

I can Only respect your passion.

The sounds of the orgasms

Becomes laughter..

We’re maniacs.

One thought on “Philthy

  1. Hhhhhmmmm interesting 🤔…. the clash of thoughts/imagery formed by your mind… truly one of a kind…& that rhymed lol

    P.s. – shout out to the heated blanket you “snagged on Amazon” 😂🤣😂🤣… I love it 👌🏾


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