The New Bond girl

Our good years had came and gone

Details so easily forgotten

Teary, I know you still hurt so bad

Guess somethings do spoil rotten.

I guess thats your pace

Still hurting

because you did hang on for a little while

Longer than you should have.

Still you were deleted like the rest

even the time and distance couldn’t phase a “Middle Child”.

I wish you the best with your new Bond Girl

Just don’t paint me out to be the Bad Guy.

When you aren’t renewed for a sequel,

Don’t seek out the original.

I won’t be around

I’m writing my own prequel.

They say heartbreak is the best medicine

to cure the disease of love.

Under the temptation

due to the dim lights in the club.

For once,

I think I’m enjoying my stay

In the lesser crowded areas of the strip mall.

Where Everything is still in place.

One thought on “The New Bond girl

  1. Very slick… as a movie connoisseur, I can appreciate the sequence references lol… Your pen is as potent as always ( whether drawn out & complex or short & sweet )

    Your welcomed return from hiatus is appreciated… *snap* *snap* *snap*


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