A Poem By Brooke Boddie

You’ve grown horse from speaking your truth

Because no one was listening for quite some time…

Therefore, you had to repeat yourself.

But the narrative is different each time you tell your story.

Causing you to drive over to the dark side

-Hoping to find solace.

You were never the same since then.

You gave yourself away

-Sacred parts of yourself, ones you’ll never get back;

reoccurring nightmares about.

I want you in your natural state

Against the leaves;

Totally free.

Nothing on this earth belongs to me,

Not even people.

Some nights

You were Alive


You were unconscious

Inebriated. Out of your mind.

Living, outside of your body.

Unbelievably numb.

I hope you follow the beam

It IS As it seems–

We’re keeping the Light on.

5 thoughts on “Microphone

  1. Interesting perspective from the microphone of the performer…

    Seems like that mic could write a memoir with all the things it knows and because of that “knowing”it appears empathetic towards the performer at hand… wanting for a reformation to the “base/basic/beginning” when things were more pure* ( free of the terrors by night & vigorous to zombie-esque existence)

    When it’s all said and done…. an open invitation back on stage behind that “old friend” is there for the taking ( courtesy lights included lol )

    Just my thoughts…. stellar* work ( as always ) 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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    1. Awesome take on this poem Gabe. I really love your perspective on my work. This piece does have a bit of ambiguity. I’ll explain what I meant behind the words.
      The piece is about a voice who doesn’t feel heard; doesn’t have a microphone, a platform, or enough confidence to make himself known. It is about someone who is timid and often repeats themself because, no one cares to listen or remember facts about him/her. When you have no one to listen or account your story that gives you room to lie and change your story/ becoming a different person each time to appear more interesting, or draw people in. The line about “Going over to the dark side to find solace” references loneliness, hopelessness, and a loss of self. The last few lines are pertaining to someone who hasn’t loss hope and has faith in the “voice who doesn’t have a microphone or someone to hear him. The last few lines are coming from a place of hope— a friend who will “leave the light on” and hold space for your healing


  2. Wow, I really love that in-depth disassemble-ment ( not sure if that’s even a word but hey lol ) of your work….I feel like I could do case studies on your pieces all day ( let’s “peel back the onion” shall we lol )

    I definitely got the “hopeful vibes” at the end as well and that made me happy lol

    Shout-out to the friend who’s there for the support/healing** ( we NEED more of those peeps )

    I am interested in knowing about lines 11-15 though… who is speaking?…the voice?…a higher being?…destiny?… seems like we got REEAALLL ambiguous at that point lol

    All in all, I 👀 you on your DJ Khaled “Another One” type of time… en fuego*

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    1. Hey Gabe, the “hopeful voice “ is speaking in those lines.. reminiscent of bringing the “faithless hopeless voice “ back to a place of innocence and freedom — “against the leaves/ in a natural state” at the same time— in juxtaposition of reflecting upon when the hopeless voice is numb and “out of body, disconnected from himself. Sort of like a Compare & contrast if you will..


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