Forest Fire by Brooke Boddie

He’s too dark to come outside

When the sun is shining

It’s where his insecurities hide.

In the broad day light

He’s afraid to be seen.

So he hides behind the trees at night

Keeping Far away from me.

“Mr. Ego man,

I can see you from where I’m standing.

Just sending you my fair wishes

I hope you rise from the ashes

Make yourself whole again.”

It’s not easy leading with fear.

That goes for any aspect in life.

I hope you find someone you can listen too.

A friend from which you’d take advice.

I know you’ve grown tired of nothingness

But You choose to keep your eyes shut

While you’re awake.

When God gave you eyes to see

-As you feel.

But Faith, still a factor.

And So you stay in the camp you’ve built

-Although It burns faster than you can wink.

You’ve been using the same lense

Since your early teens.

You must be yearning to connect

To something right now

A place your mind and body has never been.

The leaves are deteriorating

Grey ghouls linger above your shoulders.

The forest is on fire

You’ll have to leave soon.

One thought on “Forest Fire by Brooke Boddie

  1. 🤔…. Deep thoughts & layers on this one but from what I deciphered is this individual seems to be at conflict with self (internally), even though there may be opportunity out there for more….

    The comfort of familiarity is holding him back and that way/mindset/environment ( figuratively or literally) will be his demise


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