Ice King : Hermit Mode

A poem by : Brooke Boddie

You’ve learned the lessons.

Don’t fail the tests.

After all, Life is a school.

Trying at times, worth it in the end.

How did you cause people to feel while you were there?

Was most of it intentional?

Theres a slight difference between ignorance and stupidity.

You’ve grown familiar with the cheat sheet.

Head in the clouds. Never in the matrix.

I can see the vision

Hear your thoughts when you’re silent.

Catch those small,

forever changing mannerisms that no one ever notices.

You’re Slightly different everyday.

Your heart craves the simple things

Ego wants to run the world.

You see no need to compromise.

And when you think about it,

we’re all hypocrites

Pushing false narratives,

Hardly ever satisfied,

Always wanting more.

There are no martyrs.

But we create them.

We choose who’s most convincing to us.

What can we stand to live with?

We’re all slaves to the dopamine.

Unconsciously, Buying-in daily

Receipt after receipt.

Is this the story of every true artist?

Some sort of addiction, resulting from a bad break up

or unhealed child hood trauma that drives them to create?

3 thoughts on “Ice King : Hermit Mode

  1. 🤯….. soooo many layers here, the picture alone is a reflection of what many are going through/have been going through for some time now…. & the words ( Ooohh the words Lol ) give an even more nuanced ( or blunt depending on the person ) characterization of today’s social media living, cancel-culture having, microwave mentality society…

    “ Theres a slight difference between ignorance and stupidity.“
    That line hit different lol

    Unfortunately what all this boils down to is an unhealthy/unbalanced scale of coping mechanisms … We ALL NEED Therapy, We ALL NEED Divinity, Balance is the 🔑 but if the scales must be tipped… more life/light please

    Super Dope Post 👌🏾, R.I.P. DMX

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    1. The part about us all needing therapy… yes, Gabe. I swear my last line was going to be, “ we should see a therapist” or you should see a therapist… but I didn’t want to leave it open with a suggestion. So I asked a question instead. Thanks for your continued support, and your awesome break downs friend.


  2. You’re very welcome, thanks for being true to your art… It means alot

    And about the therapy, you didn’t have to say it… That’s the beauty of art, it’s up to the reader to “Feel” that from the work….. That’s how YOU KNOW it’s good 👌🏾


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