“Past Lives” – a poem by Brooke Boddie

We were probably so confident that we’d find each other again.

“Place me anywhere in the world, and I’ll find you,

-my twin.”

We’re dreamers.


the smell of lavender would burn our eyes as we tried to sleep.


the neighbors would play their music too loud as we’re about to reach the astral realm.

Without imagining

there’s a possibility that even the mattress could die

We never knew that back pain

wouldn’t allow us to dream.

Because We’re dreamers.


-And always distracted.


-And Never lacking.

We’re dreamers.

Who can’t see

what’s directly in the front of our eyes.

We’re dreamers

Twin flames.

Without Both

There can never be “Us.”

Without words, we can never build trust.

You’re in no rush

But you know This is more than lust.

I’ve known you for many lifetimes.

This is the last one.

So why don’t we do..

Everything that can be done

While we live underneath the sun.”

One thought on ““Past Lives” – a poem by Brooke Boddie

  1. This was beautiful…. So hope-FUL & warm… Intellectual & Spiritual

    *Slow clap builds to full on applause in the background of my mind lol *

    Great peice here 👌🏾


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