Keep The Candy

A Poem By: Brooke Boddie

You won’t have to buy her candy.

She’d be happier

-with simply going to the grocery store with you

Smiling, frolicking down each aisle.

She’d rather stay home and steam your veggies,

-with a nice glass of red wine.

She doesn’t want the sweet stuff,

-so you can keep the candy.

Thats the type of love that’s here today,

gone tomorrow.

She’s the type to write you love letters

Doesn’t have to be a special occasion.

She’s the type to write you a love letter

but only in ink

For she craves a love that’ll never fade away.

But only in ink,

because pencils are too slow.

Pens move faster.

Behind the pen, she fears

having all the tools

yet still finding a way to fail.

She’s still learning to breathe.

She usually holds her breath during the tough times.

She’s been holding her breath her whole life.

5 thoughts on “Keep The Candy

  1. So the poem is entitled “Keep The Candy” and I’m like okay cool because with the picture it’s pretty apparent what this is alluding to ( or so I thought lol )…

    I see that the subject of the piece values the little, more genuine and intimate things over the comercialized, obvious things that bring temporary satisfaction

    At this point I’m like, okay I follow… Then we get to the point where I BELIEVE the poem splits to a completely different theme, tone, etc… Or maybe not lol

    After “occasion.” line ends and the “She’s the type to write” begins is where I feel it gets a bit bleak/cold. I read the “Behind the pen, she fears” line and I’m thinking two things … The obvious pen to write but also pen as in jail because the next line says “having all the tools, yet still finding a way to fail”… So is she trapped?

    Still learning to breathe could be many things… Coping with a new journey, new life path, etc…. And holding her breath during the tough times, while manageable… Was probably not healthy/sustainable eventhough she’s been doing it her whole life…

    Maybe ( just maybe ) that’s why you can “Keep the Candy” because in these times with what she’s been through… Candy won’t cut it ( She’s probably had enough of that to know it’s true value in the long run anyway )…

    She seeks something more because she’s tired of holding her breath or having to do so… And eventhough she’s learning to breath, she still seeks that help/partner along the way to strengthen thoes lungs to carry on ( that was corny lol ). Or someone to genuinely let her know… It’s okay now to not have to hold your breath anymore…

    So in that understanding is where I feel the poem comes full circle to me but hey, thoes are just my thoughts*

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