I know what freedom feels like.

I know you strive to experience it everyday.

You’ll do whatever it takes to get there

But freedom is a state of mind.

You can frequently fly high if you always believe the bird cage is open.

Freedom isn’t your environment, sometimes not even the clothes you wear..

But freedom .. is your definition of peace experienced on a daily basis..

Because you aren’t concerned with anything other than your desire.

You aren’t comparing its beauty to anything.

You just simply… “ARE.”

I know you aren’t fit to stay in the woods all day

After all, you have an ego to feed.

And thats okay, no ones perfect.

You don’t want to care anymore

Only because you spend so much time overthinking.

You’ve proved everything there is to prove, but you’re still left unfulfilled.

So you keep spending..

Do you know why that is ?

What’s left to do when you’ve broken the barriers.. unleashed the chains..

What happens when you leave your comfort zone when it comes to love?

When you reveal your true self?

When you decide to face your fears..

When you decide you won’t numb yourself due to the pain you carry…

Imagine what will happen when you choose life and sensibility over walking death.

Vulnerability over numbness.

One thought on “Numb

  1. Sounds like the individual in this piece has quite the story to tell ( as I’m sure they’ve gone through a lot ) …Hopefully they have decided to choose vitality over stagnation, the former is much more fulfilling…. great post*

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