Lay the Ace on the table

You have it, this I know.

The only card left in the deck.

The only thing left unsaid.

The only thing I have yet to feel.

After all,

You’ve been through hell and high water.

Trust me, it gets better.

It won’t hurt the whole time.

You hate opening up,

but you wear your heart on your sleeve

I know this first hand.

The room wasn’t shrinking;

It was only forcing you to grow.

Just another lesson learned.

Ever felt something so deeply-

-Your intuition couldn’t convince you of anything different?

I guess the heart wants what it wants

And the universe gives what you deserve.

-Either way, I’ll be here…

Shuffling patiently..until you decide to play your hand…

You can’t stay idle forever.

You and I both know,

The game must be played.

One thought on “Sabali

  1. Life IS a *BEAUTIFUL GAME* that must be played …. It has it’s HIGHS & LOWS but the journey is more than worth taking… The choices we make ( mentally, physically, socially, spiritually, etc. ) all play part in the ultimate destination we plan on reaching so CHOOSE WISELY*…

    All in all, I take comfort in living a life without fear and full of PEACE & JOY because I KNOW THE TRUTH… That God is in Control***

    Great peice here ✨, may God bless you in abundance of prosperity and joy as you navigate this game called life… ✌🏾&❤

    Liked by 1 person

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