“Soul-less Bodies”– His Story: A poem by Brooke Boddie

One night at the strip club

-over dinner.

I pay the tab to eat.

You’re around; only when its my treat..

Niggas pay you money just to see your feet.

They don’t have my set of eyes

to see whats beneath

Maybelline, Mac makeup, Bobbi Brown

-On fleek.

You were never “My Type”

You only looked the part.

The conversation never went deeper than the weather

–even when we werent’t together.

You Never shared secrets with me.

Your only goal was to impress “this bitch”

& shit on that “nigga”

but you never tried to support me!

When I look at you,

I am comfortable knowing.

I gave more than I ever received.

5 thoughts on ““Soul-less Bodies”– His Story: A poem by Brooke Boddie

      1. Okay, so my interpretation of the piece starts out from the perspective of the boyfriend whose partner is a stripper (maybe?…lol, something about the “Soul-less Bodies” in the title seems to allude to that ) while the second part/perspective seems to be that of the girlfriend who is also in the relationship with maybe a dealer/flexer.

        They both have given of themselves ( money, time, conversations, etc. ) and have not recieved it in return or at least not genuinely.

        It seems like each has needs/wants and feel that the other is not “all in” or soul-less to them eventhough it would seem that their actions prove other wise and have indeed drained them “soul-less” also….

        Moral of the story, find someone who wants/appreciates you for you because faking it ain’t the move… And it would seem that in the last few lines, I assume that “she” is okay with moving on because she gave all she had ( soul ) which leaves her with no regrets… She tried

        I know that was ALOT lol


      2. No, it actually wasn’t a lot at all. Your response was actually to the point Gabe, and pretty much accurate. The subtitle “His Story” clues the reader that it’s all written from “the males” perspective. The voice realizes, and has settled with the idea of being okay with knowing he did all that he could do. He gave more than he ever received, and the relationship did not fulfill him. His partner was not concerned with his well being , only with impressing others. I might create one written from the “female” perspective.. idk yet. Thanks for reading. I appreciate you.


  1. Aaaaahhhh, I see ( less IS more lol )

    That’s the beauty of literature and the author who writes it…. I appreciate the clarity* …. Looking forward to what you manifest next ( whether it be by pen, paint, etc. )…. & you’re welcome, the feeling is mutual*

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