“Malachite” -A Poem by Brooke Boddie

This was the last true love recorded before the world went to hell.

In another lifetime,

They could have been your ancestors,

 or mine.  

The Difference is

they were always free.

They couldn’t’ve been born at a better time.

Dusk or dawn.

The moon had done enough shadow work.

One could no longer shine without the other.

Sun nor moon.

Their love could be water or vodka.

Depends on how fast you drank it.

Lime could go with both.

The love you’re describing sounds like poetry in motion.

That magical potion,

One that the world needs to hear about

See with their own two eyes.

Feel against their third eye.

Taste in their hands.

See with their ears.

The world would be boring without it.

Cars don’t start without “some type” of gas.

Their dna birthed a nation.

It goes without saying.

When they come together

They create wind.

Prana, you might call it.

The elders say, “A Love like this can give life.”

Not a soul in this world can understand.

Somethings go unspoken.

Reading energy does not require the use language.

Divine timing confirms that..

Some things were just meant to be.

One thought on ““Malachite” -A Poem by Brooke Boddie

  1. I enjoyed this read, very ethereal and I liked the duality … Could zone out to this peice line by line… Outstanding work ( as per usual ) ✨👌🏾


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