Liebchen, a poem by Brooke Boddie


The thought of kissing you makes me feel like I could give birth to a thousand universes.  One Universe just isn’t enough.

The thought of our tongues touching, tickles the bottom of my feet.

I need to know how your skin feels against mine.

Let’ s rub the outside of our arms together.

Let’ s create friction, static, whatever results.

How does that sound?

Let’s send out a vibration that only the conscious can feel.

I want to watch you sleep.

I want to watch the morning sunlight reflect from follicles of your hair.

I want you to roll over and kiss me when you wake up.

As you get dressed you’ll be feeling like this is too good to be true, but you would never jeopardize what we have.

It’ll make you a better man.

It’ll make you a little less selfish to know theres an angel like me roaming the earth.

I am vulnerable.

Ready to receive.

I am Optimistic.

I am missing you, and we never even met.


One thought on “Liebchen, a poem by Brooke Boddie

  1. Wwwwoooowww…. Breathtaking, that’s all I can say… The way you put this together, sensory overload lol .. Awesome, just awesome… * snap, snap *


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