Black Pink Pu$$y

These were the days.

Burning holes in carpets.

Drinking vodka til words slurred.

Sharing secrets.

Dwelling on the past.

Visualizing goals for the future.

They can take what’s tangible

The memories still breathe life into our hearts

Gives us a reason to go on.

Yet reality has settled and solidified us like compacted soil.

You find my body

Where you left it last,

You run each morning in search of more than our shortsighted lives have led.

Something monumental

Churns in the stomach of the earth.

In this life…

I have not loved as I should.

2 thoughts on “Black Pink Pu$$y

  1. Great literary visualizations and personifications here. The “memories still breathe life into our hearts” line; I felt that. Also portraying the settling of reality to that of compacted soil ( YIKES… But in a good way lol ). Got me in my thoughts as it seems like there may be regret but still, life must go on…. To something monumental as you stated….. Great work as always *snap, snap*

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