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Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

You’re an x pill
I had to call my friend Molly to back me on this.
You’re a drug
I can’t take that from you.

Once I had a dose of you
I wanted more.

I feel you changing my vibration

When I’m not around you
I hope you still speak to me.
Speak to my soul

You know I love bacon
You’re equivalent to mad cow disease.

My muscles squeal when another man touches my body.
Even when you brush pass me
My pheromones get rowdy.

Don’t you know

I love you
I hope so
I think..

But maybe you’ll take off
Like the last one did.

2 thoughts on “Overdose

  1. Like the imagery here; the love of bacon/ mad cow disease line caught my attention. If that doesn’t illustrate your point then I don’t know what does…. Couldn’t help but think of Usher’s. “You Got it Bad” as I read this ( if that makes sense lol )…. Like “Fine Wine”, you’re getting better with time… Straight dopeness**

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