First Four

I said I’ll try it.

Just don’t pressure me.

Especially when you can see

all that’s left of me.


You saw me give up

Then you kept trying.

Constantly looking for love

Each season it’s dying.


Here comes winter.

Sad emotions accompanied with snow.

Cry them out in the shower

No one has to know.


Fall comes around

Everyone feels down.

Things are changing around us

I am not safe nor sound.


The sun is at its hottest

Not a single soul is modest

See how Everyone can be replaced.


Just put me near the water.

I should have been aborted.

Why can’t I just spring myself from this universe.


2 thoughts on “First Four

  1. First Four…. Seasons of leaving from/ transitioning to/trying new love can certainly be complex… You illustrated that nicely. I especially liked how you reversed the seasonal shifts to accompany feelings… By all means tho, don’t abort… Love ( TRUE LOVE ) is worth it… Just keep fighting/pushing and that which you seek you surely will find …. Great work**

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