They hate how free I am.

How I won’t conform

How I wont buy into what the government’s selling.

How I’m a feminist

Strong Willed.

“Aggressive” they call it.

They hate that shit.

How I embrace the criticism.

It can break a man.

Don’t have time for bullshit.

“I don’t have a dude”.

I don’t fuck with you.

They don’t know.

We’re artists.

There isn’t much we don’t think about.

“What shade of brown will the toast be once it’s ready?”



2 thoughts on “Angelou

  1. Hahahahahahaha, this is AWESOME!… Unequivocally unapologetic about who you are. I can definitely concur that You do buck the system/rage against the machine from time to time lol… And to cap it off with that random question about the toast is perfect because ( as an artist who thinks about ALOT ) I’d be lying if I said I never do that.


    ……. Loved it** 👍🏾

    Liked by 1 person

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