Remember what I told you

Remember what I told you

If something happens to absolutely scare you
Turn your attention to something that absolutely intrigues you
And No,
You’re not in denial about your fears
But, I know
You’d rather be absolutely excited
than terrified out of your mind.
-Paralyzed by terror.
-Immovable by fear.

Go make eye contact…
Look those bastards directly in their eyes
They know who you are.
You haven’t fully discovered yourself yet.

They know you’re smarter than them.
But you’re the only one afraid
-Of what you might do…
Of what you could accomplish…

They faintly wait.

4 thoughts on “Remember what I told you

  1. Fearlessness is not the absence of fear, rather, it’s the mastery of fear. Like a puppet master, poet, you fearlessly entertain n intrigue us, using only expression and emotion, poetically navigating us into your unique world , guiding us, whilst poetically painting abstract illusions throughout your personal parallel universe(s). And we like the lucky ones witnessing a comet or shooting star are blessed to have had a glimpse of the soaring poet, staring us in the eye, Vunerably baring her bearings. Wow! Now how fearless is that . Nice work

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  2. Choices, we all make them… To choose intrigue over a scare; excitement over fear ( even in spite of it still being present ) is pretty powerful. I really like this peice here. We all have that “voice in our head” or memory we can call back so to read this…. affirms a few things… & thoes things, I will surely remember ( what was told to me )…. AWESOME work! Looking forward to what comes next**

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