I might do a word search instead

Because I can’t find you.

You’re no where in my reach….

What are you even doing right now?

Are you thinking about me?

Have you moved on?

I painted you the other day…

But not in real life…

it was just a memory

A distant memory.

Distant like you.

You left me hungry for more.

Too bad my appetite has changed

Maybe I’ll gorge elsewhere…

Maybe I won’t…

maybe I’ll go on a fast… in exchange for what I want.

maybe I’ll be so successful

You can’t avoid me.

Maybe I’ll hide from you the rest of my life…

-only time will tell.

Maybe I’ll forget you.

Maybe it’s best.

2 thoughts on “Selenite

  1. Interesting little meditative *stream of consciousness* here as one would assume from your use of the Selenite(stone) in the title. I can draw a few parallels between this and the ‘1AM Thoughts’ piece as the wanting of/searching for something and then not wanting/dismissing it altogether as a notable theme. It is an internal struggle that is both relatable and intriguing …. simple yet complex and very effective, keep up the awesome work!!!… I’m sure you’ll find what you’re searching for ( whatever that may be )… that I guarantee 🙂


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