Seeing with Smaller eyes

Money was created to keep us unhappy

Keep us wanting more.

Limiting us

Seeing the bad side of everything.

If it ain’t money.

We need it too much.

We can never have enough of it

What is money, I mean really.

A plant. Processed and modified

To feel like something.

When it only weighs but so little

Who did this to us?

Who’s idea was this?

To keep us in the bind

Change who we inside

Now what’s the real prize

When you conquered all your dreams

Build what we call pride.

But because we have “moneyyy”

I mean who can look down upon us

The human race

Changed the pace

Of our frequency…

By creating moneyyyyy

We are allowed to behave a certain way

When it’s around us everyday


One thought on “Seeing with Smaller eyes

  1. Very interesting piece here…. on one end, money is the answer for EVERYTHING ( Ecclesiastes 10:19 ) ….. but the LOVE of it is the root of all kinds of evil ( 1 Timothy 6:10 )… so then what do we do???…. Well, mindset is everything and I loved that you wrote,” Change the pace/Of our frequency….” because that’s where it starts. We are the creators and we can manifest ( through our savvy, intellect and talents) moneyyyyy lol….. only then do I feel that we can shift the paradigm, it all starts inside… we have all we need… keep up the great work 👍


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