1am thoughts

I deserve to be loved correctly

By somebody who respects me

By someone who wouldn’t let me…

Walk away at the drop of a dime.

I’m not asking you to chase me

love a man who wouldn’t erase me..

Out of his phone when he gets pissed off

Kisses me goodbye each time he leaves the house.

Handles his business

Makes me his spouse

Gets me aroused

Hold me down

til I drown.

But wait a minute I’m not finished yet…

Cause I deserve to be loved correctly.

Love a man who doesn’t check me…

Because he trusts me

And I know my journey.

We have bigger things to focus on

So right now

I just want to be alone…

I’ve been done so wrong

I just want to stay at home

And stare at these four corners.

Kali Uchis telling me I’m a loner

But I haven’t accepted that yet…

I guess I’m going out tonight.

3 thoughts on “1am thoughts

  1. What a beautiful contrast in perspectives…. to be or not to be, a loner lol… Well you definitely deserve all those good things in a relationship (& more ) but to have the maturity to know that bigger things need to be focused on so for now a relationship can be put on pause…..says a lot … great piece here (& extra cred for the Cali Uchis shout out, she’s awesome! )

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