Invisible Crown

They don’t need you.

I take that back…

“They don’t deserve you.”

-All the good you’ve done.

-From the heart…

But it’s all good…

It’s all good.

It’s all good !



They don’t know what I’m composed of…

The queen they serve…

They don’t know what I’m made of.

They don’t know what I been through,

what made me …


They don’t know where I reside…

Yet they call me “QUEEN.”



I don’t have support,

nobody competing for me.

Wasn’t born from a king,

my father committed suicide

I don’t like pretty dresses

I have no pride.

Shit it must be something..

the dirt I was raised in..

The broken family I came from..

The toxicity that molded me.

The tears I cried…

The losses I’ve suffered …



Maybe I’m misunderstood..

I’m a rebel inside.

No matter what I am..

No matter what demons I’m battling.

No matter what I wear..

They call me “Queen.”



One thought on “Invisible Crown

  1. Wow, there were ALOT of buzzworthy tidbits sprinkled throughout BUT at the end of the day, it all comes down to this…. you are who you were ALWAYS meant to be, a *Queen*…. & no thing or no one can ever take that away from you…. you were made in his image and are of a royal priesthood…. awesome work as always, POWERFUL stuff….keep it up *snap, snap*

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