“Go” ———- (A Short Story that will be available in “Full” in my VERY First book entitled “Portals”)

Mentally, I wasn’t prepared to make the jump.
It just seemed so far down, I was scared that I would hurt myself.
Plus, I had run out of the room so fast that I didn’t have time to gather my thoughts.
I had no escape plan.
I didn’t know my way around the house so I found myself trying to jump from the nearest window in sight. If only I could get down to the old worn down Chevrolet parked out front.
I didn’t know which key started the car, but I was ready to try every key on the chain in my possession.
I knew that my get away car would be a Chevrolet because the owner of the car constantly spoke about her husband trying to take it back from her.
I could hear Ms.Asshole’s big feet coming around the corner at me. She was a heavy set woman, but she was fast. She was a white woman around 5’6, in her ate 30’s, and she always wore a night gown. A bun sat low on the back of her head, and she was always bare foot when she came to serve me hot veggie soup. No crackers.
Her hair was dyed grey and it didn’t really suit her; I could tell she was trying to look older than she actually was. I used to know a lot of people who did that; made minor adjustments to themselves to seem more mature. Carla Harrington from first period used to stuff her bra with her younger brother’s football socks. She always used to lie about it until one day they feel out during gym class.
Today Mrs. Asshole wasn’t there to serve me soup, she sent her daughter to do it. I called her “ Little Miss Asshole” because she looked just like her mother. I could tell Ms.Asshole had her at a young age. She was just as mean as her mother. I never called Mrs. Asshole “Mrs. Asshole” to her face because for some reason she loved to beat on me. She always told me I thought I was prettier than I actually was. However I did call, “Little Ms.asshole” an asshole to her face because she started calling me a needy ass.
Don’t ask me why, but once a month I needed pads from her and that’s how I got the nickname.
I could hear her coming.
She was on her way to check on me, she comes directly to my room every time she re-enters the house. She said I was the trouble maker. The problem child- who she couldn’t take her eyes off of.
She also said, the first chance she gets she’ll kill me.
KILL ME. Kill me? Kill me!
I was only 14 years old. I hadn’t even had the chance to live yet. I didn’t even make it I wasn’t going to go out so easily. I figured I’d escape one day, long before she got a chance to kill me. Today makes four years since I’ve been away from home, it was also my grand mothers birthday, March 23rd. I woke up thinking “I’m going to make today count, I am going to escape. Today I must go.”
The sound of her footsteps caused me to panic even more. If she found me out of place she would have the guys chain me up in the basement again. This is what she promised me. I know I didn’t have much time so I had to act fast.
I wonder if my family had missed me, or if they had forgotten about me.. were the “big men” with her or was she alone? All I know is that I had to get out.
Quickly I cracked the window as far as its stubborn hedges would go. Just wide enough for me to get through, but not without a scratch or two on my belly. I hit the ground knees first.
“That can’t be good” I thought to myself as I leaped up in pain. Struggling to get to the big bush in the yard to conceal myself. She must have known I was gone by now, the house isn’t that big, and she normally comes straight to my room. I just knew she was standing in the window attempting to locate me.
So I peeped, and she wasn’t there. I looked down for a second trying to sort out which key was the correct car key.
I had taken the keys from Little Miss Asshole when she came to feed me, right after I threw the hot soup in her face. I could still hear her screaming… Even from the back yard.
I started to limp toward the car, but she was right there. Coming out of the back door, so I stayed out. She had entered the back yard. Slowly walking and scanning for clues of me… she headed towards the shed. That was my opportunity.
I started to run. Pressing the alarm on the car key —that made too much noise
(To Be Continued…..)
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8 thoughts on ““Go” ———- (A Short Story that will be available in “Full” in my VERY First book entitled “Portals”)

  1. Woooowww, I will never look at middle age heavy set white women the same again lol…. This was …. different, not in a bad way, just different. … you have quite the imagination. … I’ll be awaiting my signed copy of ‘Portals’ as soon as it becomes available … super proud of you putting out a book, really inspiring. .. “YOU GO GUURRLL” *Martin voice* lol… Real talk tho, that’s pretty amazing ( no cap lol )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😩 you don’t know how much this just made my day!! Can you believe this story was inspired by a nightmare that I had … 🥺


      1. I can believe that TOTALLY, the mind ( if not attended to ) can go to some real strange places. I was definitely getting them “nightmare vibes”…. I knew it was a nightmare as soon as you said you was eating soup… I’m like,”This woman don’t eat no soup… quit playing” lmaoooo… but on a serious note, the subconscious ain’t nothing to play with

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol! I do like soup— Miso soup, egg drop and vegetable soup! Yes, I was terrified when I woke up— eating the soup was the scariest part lol just kidding


  2. There’s something so intimate about reading a passage with suspense like this one. Found myself thinking “ no , don’t hit the alarm, damnit “. I pray that you didn’t go through anything similar to this personally. Keep up the great work and finish strong.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, it was inspired by a nightmare I had 😂 scared me to death!! Thank you so much for reading! It really means so much to hear your feedback! I won’t disappoint— can’t wait to share the ending with you guys!!! 😉


  3. This story has so many clues… I think the woman is someone close to us but I definitely have to search your context clues. Awesome read sis continue to stimulate our brains!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The dream was inspired by a nightmare I had of a woman being kidnapped and trying to escape; someone was after her.


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