Paper Bag Poem

Paper bag poem

Like a sunflower

We all had seen better days; right outside the field

When The rain had finally gone away.

The sun sat on the lake as we rode back home.

We shared a few drinks til our sadness was gone.

I touched many lands; none as solemn as this.

It’s his lips I am missing.

That one beardless kiss.

Yet, the sky paused at Baby Blue and I; intoxicated; barefoot, no shoes.

Back of the sprinter van,

Racing home

Playing Blues.

Just left court

Judge ruled in our favor

Still I flick the bird

Don’t plan to see him later.

Rebel and all , still I thank the lord above;

We’ll celebrate later

Got plans to hit the club.

But on a serious note;

I’m faded-

Then again..

one of my brothers had made it.

He won Another chance at life- it wasn’t ended at prison.

So now,

I enjoy the ride.

I know that God was the reason.

The creator of the sunset.

The Riser of the moon.

The one who wiped my tears away- once shed on the lagoon.

It’s true;

the God I worship is real

Any weapon formed against me, my God would surely kill.

Any sickness? – he’d heal

Any enemy— no deal.

any weapon formed against me

Oh no, it won’t prosper

A woman with God behind her.


3 thoughts on “Paper Bag Poem

  1. Glad to see you “Back At It Again” ( shout out to Yella Beezy lol )…. it’s been a while but I know you’ve been busy making *money moves*… this work had me a bit shook ( kinda like a roller coaster). It had a steady build up with good imagery and then BAM!…you hit me with the word ( of God) and I was like,”Wow… she did that”… heck of a way to come back…and for that, I am thankful * snap, snap*

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    1. Thank you Gabe for staying loyal to my blog, and always supporting my many endeavors! I must say… I always look forward to your feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed it! My aim is remain consistent, and if you have any ideas you’d like to see me cover — please, let me know 🙂


      1. You’re so very welcome and yes, loyalty is a rare commodity these days ( unfortunately ) but when the artistic expression is of this quality, it’s not hard to be loyal at all. Keep up the awesome work and continue to be encouraged. … CONSISTENCY is definitely something I’m trying to get better at also but you know what?… We Got This!..Just take it one day at time… and I’ll be sure to throw some ideas your way when they arise #2ThumbsUP

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