Police Report

The wooden floor could have been a river.

How smooth it was.

Blinded by Tanqueray tonic

I didn’t see much officer

-Just a few shadows doing salsa.

I saw a phone hit the floor and crack

Cherry popper…

-I’ve never seen that in action.

Then there was blood.

First a drop

Then a puddle.

I heard sounds—

But they only intwined with the rock music.

And By that time

You guys were out of tissue.

“Get away from me”

Didn’t go with the song.

-But I vibed to it anyways.

I didn’t flush the toilet

—- the sound scared me

Even as a child.

My Brother told me

The pipes lead to a dark place all the bad kids GO.

3 thoughts on “Police Report

  1. Hhhhhhmmmmm, interesting piece here. …. A drunken perspective on what seems to be a murder in a club possibly? …. That Tanqueray must have “superpowers” cause our subject was gone lol… funny thing about the toilet flush, I’ve heard that before as well ( hahaha )

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