La Cuenta Por Favor

Gently pressing against the gum

The tongue.

I love it when he whispers.

Eyes all serious.

-He reaches out

-Touches my hand.

Ensuring that I heard every word.

And like a rhino

He bows his head

Eyes looking up at me…

-as if I’m incompetent.

-Am I ?

We’re out in public.

He’s in the middle of His “traditional briefing”

⁃ The one he usually gives me before I embarrass him out in public.

I nod my head in agreement anyways.

-Although I didn’t hear a single word.

Licking my lips as I straighten the plaited napkin in my lap.

“Babe, hows my posture?” I say without saying.

While I pretend to be confident.

Looking him in the eyes

As I drink from the glass of wine…

I never thought I’d be able to afford.

The food arrives.

“New York strip cooked medium,” breathes the server

-TBone medium rare.

“Where are you?” My mother texts me.

“I’m on the other side of town,” I respond.

Far away from home.

One thought on “La Cuenta Por Favor

  1. The imagery and wordplay here is awesome. Like I’m experiencing a movie scene; I was locked into the “P.o.V.” from line 1…. Solid piece
    #CheckPleaseIndeed lol

    Liked by 1 person

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