I wish you didn’t have to navigate through the world the way you do.

Seeing everything all the time

With open eyes,

Never testing them.

You see the greedy

You see the weak

You see the poor.

You wish you could save the world

Be Superman don’t ya?

But it’s out of your hands,

it always has been,

so you have a decision to make ….

let it become your priority to “temporarily solve” the inevitable

Or…. do what you can until you get “THERE”.

Where ever it is you find yourself most content.

Don’t let it consume you.

Cause you to smoke,

Or become your primary goal.

He said make your only goal “being happy while you’re here,”

Don’t get “shot up on anything.”

-Allowing it to wake you up or keep you awake at night.

Let it be your driving force in a healthy way.

Because it has ALL already been written.

Just as you know “we are powerful”

Know that our creator must be 10 times more powerful.

Know that HE wouldn’t put too much weight on your shoulders

-causing you to crack.

Know that he put you here to learn to TRUST HIM.

And watch how he AMAZES your life!

Because when your eyes are humble;

he sees that you are waiting for him to show you how amazing HE Truly is.

“Just Trust him”

-He said.

3 thoughts on “711

  1. This is VERY POWERFUL; the perspectives and statements made. Even the title, I got that lol… Proverbs 3:5 & 6 vibes forsure… #LegacyPieceHere

    Liked by 1 person

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