First Love

My soul was yearning; I found it funny-how-you showed up

Out of thin air.

How? When I looked for you in my youth

Passion is what got me through –how am I so enchanted with you?

It’s barely been a week, if I could– I’d surely sink

–right beneath our feet-when you are holding me.

What we have is sacred;

(Its tenderness urges you to handle with care.)

The only thing on my mind is cherishing you everyday.

My head is filled with dirty thoughts-like ones when you relish me… -then come up to kiss me

-igniting the unruly flame between us.


Just like the previous piece before this one, A Sunny Day, “First Love” was a prompt in the activity book, “WRITE THE POEM” the objective was to use the words: tenderness, relish,flame,yearning,cherishing,passion, enchantment, and youth.

Hope you enjoyed.

2 thoughts on “First Love

  1. Another solid poem ( racking them up I see ). I like the poem book you acquired, it seems to add a bit of a creative challenge into the mix which is never a bad thing. You also get extra “ethnic bonus points” for using the word unruly in there also lol. * snap, snap *

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