A Sunny Day

A sunny day begins on the inside

-A clear mind.

-I’m outside–in the sun I am basking

–No make up — in mask free.

And like the sun i am


Reflecting light; shining bright

-On this summery day.

Nothing can stop me or take my sunshine away.

Like the skies my conscious is clear,

Free of haze —

I am radiant my dear.


This poem is very simple, and straight forward. I recently bought a poetry activity book called “WRITE THE POEM”. This poem had to be about “A SUNNY DAY” Using the words : luminous, summery,shining,clarion (which I didn’t use), radiant, brilliant, bask, and haze.

Here’s the activity book, I bought it from 5 Below– it’s similar to a dollar store.

2 thoughts on “A Sunny Day

  1. Simple, fun and warm ( as the title would imply lol ). I think it’s how you gave a “behind the scenes” look/ explanation of how this came to be. I also have a use for *clarion*…. Right after the Nothing can stop me…. line, I’d put, ” That’s certainly what the clarion call would say “….. just a thought lol.. keep it up, #2ThumbsUP


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