“Photos” – – a poem

You look like that wall back in 5th ward that scraped me and left me scarred.

You look exactly like the ant that bit me on both feet and left me swollen and unable to fit my shoes.

Your voice sounds like the song I hate to hear when it comes on the radio.

I often contemplate changing the channel.

Yeah, you make me sick.

Who made you?

-What made me…

-hate you so much?

I would rather share the last bite of my favorite food than share a room with you.

I didn’t know this type of animosity existed.

Until I noticed

You were tempted

⁃ to go the other way.

⁃ Looks like you made it to your destination.

-We have grown so far apart.

And I wouldn’t know where to start…

Since you left me in the dark..

⁃ and started keeping secrets.

⁃ Well you can keep it.

And keep her naked pics too.

Your loyalty was un-true..

Cause lord knows behind my back, the things you would do.

-The things you have done

-to everyone.

And me….

You led me to think..

-That you were all for me.

….When all along —-I knew you weren’t.

Why couldn’t you just keep it real?

And it took for you to pop a pill…

To let me in…

-said I was your friend.

But then again.

You don’t have anyone.

—Do you??

One thought on ““Photos” – – a poem

  1. They say that ,”Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”& this is the literary example of such. I appreciate you honesty and candor. I’m sure that whoever this is directed towards, they’d much rather prefer this method of expression over the Angela Bassett Waiting to Exhale route lol…. Awesome poem Brooke, looking forward to more… *snap snap*

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