Im sick of going outside and getting hurt.

So I’ll just stay right here

-In this room.

I’m hurt from falling for guys who don’t love me back, when I’m in a one bedroom.


I am tired of getting back up and running into closed doors.

I broke my nose doing that..

Most importantly I need surgery from you.

-playing kickball with my heart

⁃ and never fetching the ball

⁃ leaving me in lingo when Sports was hardly ever my thing.

I can’t say I didn’t try my best, I can’t explain how I scored low on your every test.

I digress.

Our “relationship”

-I’ll give it some rest

I’ve found someone else I’d like to bless.

One Reply to “Ache”

  1. Gabriel S. Tucker says:

    You’re like the Drake, Jhene’ Aiko and Mary J. Blige of the poem game lol. I really feel for you Brooke as your wordplay and imagery is very relatable. Got me rooting for your *happy ending* for sure and it’s super cool that you express yourself like this as I’m sure that it’s both liberating and therapeutic. ….. clap, clap bravo*


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