Everybody got somebody.

-But not me.

Someone that they miss.

Someone that broke their heart.

-But not me.

Everyone wants to feel loved

And adorned.

-But not me.

Every one has at least one person they can call, and tell them about the long day they’ve had.

Oh well.

I guess there’s no such thing as perfect right?

I used to say I don’t care about everyone else

—I just wanted you to want me.

But that never quite worked out

the way That I had planned.

One thought on “War

  1. This one was interesting as the third section seems to have been a contradiction to the whole piece as it states that “Everyone wants to be loved and adorned. …but not me”…. I may be reading into it wrong but I guess the opposition of thoughts fits right with the title because what is WAR without opposition right? …. Great piece


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