Poem: “For Her”

See, you’re the type of girl who’d smile and put on a perfect face, pretending that everything is fine.

When it’s not.

And it’s okay to cry about it, but you won’t, you’ll hold it in until you can’t anymore.

You’re the type of girl who doesn’t like to talk about your problems, because you feel like you’re the only one In the world in pain.

–And You often tell lies because want your life to seem more perfect than everyone else’s, or more put together

But the truth is.. Everyone has problems.

You’re the type.

You’re the type of girl that would put on a front,

Hurting everyone who’s been there for you, in order to be seen by strangers who could care less about you.

You don’t have to be a shot caller,

or pretend to be a boss to fit in, you’re only putting more stress on yourself.

So take it easy, Just relax.

You are seen, you are heard, you are welcomed, you are good enough— like everyone else here.

The world does not revolve around you nor anyone else.

Time does not move when we say so..

Time is in a league of its own.

Time is not your enemy.

Because in time you will heal;

you will find comfort in yourself.

So just Be.

And baby,

You don’t need other people to validate you.

All you have to do is Believe In you.


One thought on “Poem: “For Her”

  1. Very poignant piece here ( Especially considering today’s social media climate )… There’s a lot of fronting and fakery going on but through it all appreciate the one’s who are there for you. The beauty of how you closed it with how time heals was awesome. Keep up the great work. * snap snap*

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